Lemurian Seed Crystals

Welcome to our Collection of Ancient metaphysical minerals and shamanic stones.

We have been collecting and preserving our most treasured pieces for a time where they would find the souls best suited for each of these otherworldly rock of ages!

Each piece has been chosen with care and in sync with the energies intended that brought each piece into our possession.
There is a natural mystical force that varies in potency attached to the most hidden and unique pieces in the womb of nature safeguarded in each phase of its journey until the time is right.

We have only been fourth coming with minimal of our gifts from nature, we have all kinds of crystals and shamanic stones to sacred temple stones that hold an alchemical force and power for transformation and ascension, finding your way home with the help of natures forces, the elements that work with the living consciousness resonant within these minerals and matrices, reminding and prompting us of what we have long forgotten helping us again remember now that it is needed for us to enter the kingdom of grace.

Authentic lemurian Seed crystals are no longer available from our trusted source as sources have been depleted and can no longer be found, what remains is mostly with private collectors, museums, and traders of this stone. Many souls are now being called fourth and have come to understand the significance of these crystals and what can be learnt from them.

The strongest imprint and signature of the lemurian seeds are their striations, which to some observers have the appearance of being etched into the crystals, these imprints are 'codes' which contain this knowledge, interacting with lemurian seeds can trigger experiences or memories as well as opening a type of portal to ancient esoteric knowledge that would benefit the greater destiny of humanity, these were to be revealed at an important transition point in our evolution.

Some ways to work with them are to hold one of the striated sides of the crystal to the third eye (between and above the other two).

Another is to rub the index finger of your non-dominant hand over the ridges

Lemurian Star Seed crystals are "master" crystals within the Crystal Kingdom. Within the planetary hologram they are linked to all other crystals.

They transmit to these crystals the message of Oneness and Unity and Love that was the key energy of Lemuria.

This is their work, to reactivate within the planetary matrix this ancient memory of Oneness and Unity so that it may become the way of life on the New Earth.
These crystals are connected to inner earth, the earth's surface, and the stars, and serve as links to these various magnetic fields. On the individual level, each seed crystal is energetically connected to all other seed crystals.

This connection is a living example of the message of the Lemurian seed crystals. They teach us how to be both individuals and integral parts of the cosmic design, that all beings are equal. They also help teach us how, as physical beings, to maintain our connection with our spiritual source.

Lemuria is an ancient civilization whose center of consciousness was upon the emotional and spiritual dimensions of existence unlike our present mentally-based modern world.
Their deeper connection to heart qualities allowed them to express unconditional love for the Divine and each other and enabled them to maintain a deep sense of connection to their Creator, their environment, and the whole of creation.

The Lemurian crystals have been programed with this consciousness of love and connection, and working with them provides a most welcome healing balm for our souls.
They guide individuals consciousness toward comprehansion of Oneness and understanding of how each of us fit in to the 'whole'.

Monday, February 2, 2009

032 Shamballa Attunements

In 1996 an amazing new energy was brought to this world from St. Germaine (the source of Reiki) through a master teacher: Hari Das Melchizedek.
Because of all the work people on earth have been doing to raise their frequencies, St. Germaine was able to send this very high vibration through to us. It is actually an extension of the Reiki energies. He has asked that it be called Shamballa Multidementional Healing - Shamballa for short.

Shamballa builds on the original Reiki system by adding to it. Because Shamballa is easier to teach than Reiki, you can learn each level in a few hours. Thus it is less expensive and time consuming. Like Reiki, it is the energy of love, which comes through your heart chakra to help you heal yourself and others. The healing abilities you acquire when you are taught Shamballa are only a by-product. The major purpose of attunement is to allow the student to bring in higher energies which will help enhance spiritual evolution. In other words, by bringing Shamballa into your life you allow more healing love energy to come into the world. You become part of the solution to world peace and prosperity. It is vital that as many people as possible, as quickly as possible bring in this love energy. The goal is to bring in the light, which this love energy provides, as easily and quickly as possible to a critical mass of people, thus bringing the entire world to a new level in its evolution.

There are four levels of attunement or initiation into Shamballa. The first level allows you to do self healing and direct healing of others. The healing takes place in about five minutes. You simply intuit where your hands need to be and place them there. Even if you don't find the 'right' spot, the energy goes where it is needed. Anyone can be attuned and thus be capable of self healing. You need no special skills to be able to practice Shamballa. You don't even need to believe in it. You need only to be open to trying it

The second level of Shamballa allows you to mentally send healing energies to people or places long distance. You are given symbols to use to make this possible. You voice the names of the symbols, think of your target, and you 'turn on' the Shamballa energy. Think of it as turning on a radio and tuning into your favorite station. Two hundred years ago if you had predicted long distance talking boxes people would have thought you crazy. Today they are commonplace. Soon sending to and receiving energy from people long distance will become commonplace as well.

The third level adds more symbols, is stronger than level II and allows you to start attuning Shamballa level I students. The Fourth level is the Master level. A Shamballa Master student receives a total of 352 symbols when she/he is attuned to this level. Before you say "I can never remember that many symbols" rest assured they are placed directly into your energy field and appear as needed when you work with Shamballa. At this level you receive symbols that aid healing on a spiritual level. At Level IV you are taught to do attunements for others on all four levels. Although that may not be your intent for learning Shamballa, you may be surprised to find yourself drawn to share it with others once you reach levels III and IV.

Shamballa can be used for other purposes besides healing people on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. You can use it to heal pets and plants, energetically cleanse your work space or home, bless your food, increase the sight of your third eye, increase the power of crystals and remedies, make your way through traffic jams, and help fix your car. You may find the last use a bit farfetched, but allow me share a true story one of my students told me. On her way to work one day, her car stopped. It would not go no matter what she tried. She used Shamballa on it as a last resort. The car started and she went to work. So far this is not so remarkable a tale. However, at the end of the day, when she had to have her car towed, the mechanic couldn't understand how she had driven to work. A wire which is essential in keeping the car going was broken. He told her the car should not have run. Coincidence or Shamballa?

We are living in an exciting time of change from being more matter than light (energy) to being more light than matter. Shamballa has been sent to us to make it easier to make this transition. Up until now change has been more complicated. We were bogged down in ritual which did not move us very far toward the light. Shamballa is simple. It brings us self empowerment by helping us see the light within and understanding that we are all in this together. What affects others affects us and visa versa. When people come to truly understand this, the world will start to heal.

Information used with permission from Diane Spindler-Ranta-Shamballa Master

For information on attunements go:

The Journey Continues.........


1. Shamballa 13D Attunements
2. The Shamballa Foundation
3. Shamballa Basic
4. Story of Intention
5. How the Energy is Evolving


The Evolution of the Attunements

Shamballa began, with the original 1-4 Level
Attunements, which originally came into our world consciousness, in 1996 from St. Germaine, through a man called John Armitage,
now known as Hari Baba.

With the Levels 1-4,
once a student reaches Level 3, they are then able to attune others to Level l only, and when a student completes their Level lV attunement,
or the "Master" Level, they are then able to attune others to Levels 1-4, and begin to teach
all levels of Shamballa classes.


Shamballa then moved forward to include the 12D Attunements, the "D" meaning "Dimensional."
I do not have alot of information on these attunements, but they are similar to the 13D
attunements, which we have now evolved to,
which I will explain shortly.

From here, the energy went to 12D + 1 attunements, and once a student received
these activations, they were able to also
pass these 12D +1 energies along to others.

This changed, and evolved to 13D, as Germain
felt that the original energies were getting
"watered down" and the teachers needed more
qualifications and training, and time to release their own stuff, so they could fully and clearly
pass these new energies on.

13D Attunements

I have to say, I was pretty sceptical about the 13D attunements.....but Spirit continued to "push" me to get them, until I finally, put out to Spirit that I really wanted to get them, and to please help me find a way, as I was unable to afford them.

From there, I put this wish in writing, on the main Shamballa md list, and I then let go of any attachment to the outcome, and trusted that if I needed the attunements, that a way would be found to get them. :)

Well some time passed, and then along came a Shamballa angel by the name of
Lynn Chabot, who was given the message by
Spirit, that I needed the 13D attunements.

She had been planning on having a 13D class, in my area, and needed a place to host it, so she offered to give me the 13D attunements, in exchange for me hosting it at my house, and providing breakfast and lunch, and a afternoon snack. So this is how I came to be attuned to the 13D Energies. Yipppppeeeeeee!!! :)

(Thank You Spirit, and Thank-You (((Lynn!!)))

Well, let me tell you, after that week end, I had
no doubt in my mind, that the 13D classes were
the "Real Deal" and were something that I really
needed, and since then I have some AMAZING experiences, that I accredit fully to the 13D attunements, which I will share with you in a bit
later :)

Some Information on the 13D Classes:

The 4-day classes, are to become attuned to
the energies ONLY, and to receive the activations and releasings.
This class, is $444.00, for 4-days.
Students are NOT able to pass these
energies on to others, after taking this level
of 13D.

The 9-Day Intensive Teacher 13D class, is
$1, 900.00 for 9 days, and those who take this
class, are the ONLY ones who are able to pass
the 13D energies on, and teach the 13D Classes.

So what is involved in the 13D classes?

The following information was taken from
the format that Baba wrote up for the 13D
Teachers Intensive, and I believe was written
by Jan Hannant. Please note, it has been
edited, and shortened by me, to fit this format.

13D Classes: Guidelines by Baba

Some of the topics included in the Shamballa 13D Classes include:

-That the aim of Shamballa is to re-connect people with that point of perfection which exists throughout time and space in all dimensional realities, and connection to each individual's
"I Am Presence" to raise awareness and consciousness.

-It is explained why Shamballa is not Reiki!
Reiki is a limited connection to a small part of the total energy spectrum available for enlightenment. Shamballa uses no physical representation of symbols, therefore it makes it impossible for people to give their power away to symbols and their connections. Shamballa uses 352 symbols in total, and after initiation into Shamballa YOU ARE the symbols. When you work with the energy of Shamballa you transmit whatever symbols are needed in the moment.
This takes away the feelings of needing to control the energy and the need for mental information - this is very important. Mental information is not enlightenment and it holds you in your head - 7% of consciousness available to the mental mind. Please remember that you are everything right now and you are not separate from the rest of creation. Just allow the energy of Love to do its work spontaneously, in the moment.

-There is also discussion on how to use the Shamballa energies in many situations,
ie: to aid the solving of problems, to clear energies, for distance healing and to integrate Love and Non-Judgment for the Self and all of creation (this is the essence of Shamballa - and to remember Shamballa has no limits except personally imposed limits.

-The question of worthiness, is also discussed, and also how to recognize when one is in denial, Love without conditions versus Love with conditions, and moving out of judgment.

The idea of this 13D Shamballa teaching is to give a framework which each person can fill according to his or her own talents. The whole aim is to empower each person through Love without conditions, and to create your own reality in every moment .

Please note:
13D Energies can NOT be passed on, through
long distance, per Baba.

There are 13 initiations in all.

And unlike, Shamballa 1-4, whereas each
person is individually attuned, and the symbols are downloaded, person by person,
with 13D attunements,
everyone is attuned to the energies, through meditations, that teacher channels through
various Masters, all at the same time.

Students are encouraged to get comfortable,
in a chair, curled up on a couch, or lying down,
during each initiation.

Before doing the first group of initiations,
a clearing meditation is done.

This first meditation clears out implants, twin souls, androgonous beings, multi-dimensional ties, basic chakra clearance, and is always worked in accordance with Divine Will on all levels and in all time frames and parallel universes etc.

Also after each initiation or set of initiations it is necessary that people do hands-on work with each other to ground the energies, this usually takes about 15 minutes each.

Some of the other meditations that are done during 13D attunements are:

1. DNA reprogramming;
2. DNA activation
3. Balance, cleanse & activate chakras
4. Opening up the antakarana and clearing the channel
5. Open up kundalini
6. Activation of the Pineal & Pituitary Gland
for Channeling
7. Light body activation - this can be done in conjunction with Cosmic Sacred Geometry and the activation of the Sacred Fire Letters and the 5 Sacred Languages: Egyptian, Tibetan, Chinese, Sanskrit and Hebrew
8. Violet Flame Attunement
9. Activation by St. Germain / Merlin
10. Integration of Love without conditions
11. Integration of Mastery and a journey to meet each individual's I Am Presence
12. Meet your personal Masters.
13. Axiotonal and galaxitonal line activations.

All in all, I have to say, that not only was I very
impressed, with the 13D attunements, but I was
extremely impressed with my teacher, Lynn.

I don't believe, that just anyone could teach a
13D class, as it is so very different, from the
Shamballa 1-4....

To be able to lead all the meditations, and activations, to be able to do
the channeling of so many Masters, and the
toning that is involved, the energy that is involved, is just simply amazing to me.

Blessed be to the 13D Teachers! :)

I also noticed big changes, after I was attuned to the 13D. First of all, I had alot more releasing
of energy and things that I no longer needed, to
make room for that which I needed to bring into
my life.

I also, began to see "the other side" and
other beings in other dimensions, much more easily. This was always something I had,
had difficulty with, as I was more of a "feeler" rather than a "seer."

I also began to see, and actually hear, my student's spirit guides, during attunements, which was very exciting.

And overall, I believe that the 13D attunements
assisted me in another leap consciousness, and in raising my vibration, and definately added
more power to my hands on healing, long distance healing, and 1-4 attunements :)

If anyone is interested, in receiving 13D
attunements, please refer to the list of
13D Master / Teachers on the link below :)

Shamballa 13D Master List:


The Shamballa Foundation

Here are a few reasons for starting the Shamballa Foundation, which has been started in the UK
only, at this time:

1. To keep the Shamballa family together.

2. To keep the essence of the Shamballa energies "pure."

3. To have Shamballa MD Healing
taken seriously by the
Alternative Medicine Societies,
and be able to give credits for the classes,
and to be able to get insurance for its members.


Some things The Foundation will be doing
from Hari Baba:

1. The foundation is there to over see the humanitarian work and to help to finance that by donations from the family, and will raise money for the projects around the world.

2. The foundation will also appoint a board of experts to help in all kinds of way to raise money to advise on projects and such, later on when the foundation is solvent we will also cover the expenses of others who want to go to Africa and such places to do workshops for the people for free and help set up the healing centres.

3. The foundation will also over see the Shamballa school of esoteric sciences, this has also been formed now and is alive and well, it is affiliated to the BCMA in England and makes shamballa legal in all European union countries, we have set up an association as well so people can become member of it and then also join the BCMA in England, this outfit has a voice in the government and many other things, it also takes members from other countries.

The foundation has now begun to legally register
and certify those who have been attuned to Shamballa.

More information about the Shamballa Foundation will be added to this page as it become available.

Shamballa Basic

The symbols, were initially one of the main aspects, of Shamballa. But that is no longer true.
Baba & Germaine has now said, that Shamballa has evolved so much, that it can now be taught,
"without symbols" and without the (4) levels.
This is called the new Shamballa Basic.
These attunements, or "activations" as they are
called, are done, ( I believe) as group meditations,
rather than one-on-one initiations.

From Baba:

Why has germain asked for this?
"To make things simple is the first thing, and to make it much easier for people to take the first steps into Shamballa.
Also to remove the levels from Shamballa, so this course takes things into a new way of doing things"

OK why remove the levels?
" For many reasons but the main ones are this:

-In the past Shamballa was done in 4 levels, Germain noticed a number of issues in this, one being that teachers sometime held on to peoples energies by doing level 1 level 2 and so on up to 4, in maybe 8 days or 4 weekends, often telling people they were not ready to recive the next level until the teacher decided they were, this is judgement as we all should know. It is the persons I AM who decides if they are ready or not. So when a person asks for Shamballa we know they are ready in case there is questions on how we know they are ready.

-Also to take Shamballa away from the idea of the old Reiki system of levels and the idea of one level being better than the other. And to understand Shamballa is not reiki.

-To remove symbols from the course.
The world changes, the universe changes and the energies change all the time, the symbols or symbols in general are 3d represations of energy, the symbols used in reiki are of symbols old energies. We dont need them, remember the energy flows from the Source and therefore is intelligent so knows what to do, we only need to be open and let it flow.

Now to attunements or I would like to call them activations.

In this age people only need to recieve the energy they need to activate their consciousness, to begin expanding their awareness of who and what they are, for us as teachers it is not for us to judge what they need, our place is to make it possible for them to recive what they need by just being an open channel for the energy during the activations.

Also it is for us to tell people about the illusion of 3d life, the slavery to wealth and consumerism and so on, the trick played by the world managemant team to keep us in that slavery.

Our mission is to free people, encourage them to become real human beings instead of trying to escape this 3d world, only when you become fully grounded here will you achieve the freedom you so dearly would like to achieve.

So in other words no ascension till you fully descend. Into the energy we call LOVE WITHOUT CONDITIONS, YES WITHOUT CONDITIONS. This again to remind us means no judgement in anything.
We need to learn that all is perfect in the eyes of Source.

It is also an important part of the traing to get folk to understand there is no such thing as healers, we dont heal, we facillate healing for others through our love and openess to Source.

We Germain and I have spent alot of time looking into the contents of this course, Phyllis Brooks and Krijn in Holland have also been involved in groung the information from Germain on how we would proceed in this.

The Course Study Times are as follows:
3- 8 hr days for Shamballa 1-4 Masters
and 13D Masters.
4- 8hr days for new people.

What this means, is that all of those people attuned to the Master Levels 1-4 or 13D,
now need to become attuned to this new way of doing shamballa. The first classes are going
to be held this spring in Wendall, Mass, and
also in Maryland by Baba.

Friedy from the Shamballa Foundation says:

"The levels 1-4 will be certified untill end of 2007, this means a transitional stage of about 2 years.
By then, the Basic will be the replacement for these levels.
But don't forget that Shamballa is freedom. If you have read Baba's message we passed on last week, he stated that so-called rules are made to play with the regulations of the governments, not more and not less. And if you don't want to be in that playing field, just dont be there. If people still want to teach the levels after 2007, they are free to do so."

This does mean however, that after that time,
if you are not registered with the foundation with
Shamballa Basic, your students after 2007 will
NOT be recognized by the foundation.

Course Outline:

-The Philosophy of Shamballa
-The theory of disease and the emotional body
-Theory of channelling energy
-How to facillate healing sessions
-How to treat yourself and others
-Brain balancing
-Brain balancing exercises
-Antakarana the symbol, yes one symbol in the class!!
-How to do activations various ways of doing it and practice, yes you will be doing it during the class!!!!
-Practice using the energy
-Information on basic chakras
-Grounding after working with energy
-What mastery means to you as a person
-Responsibilty of mastery
-Responsibility of the master to their students
-How to clear energy blockages from the body
-How to facillate a workshop.

This content will make it easy for others to take the message and activations to others.
After completion of the course people will be able to teach others.

You can do all this in your own way, you are not being asked to follow a word by word way of doing things, add your own magic to it, for you will find that people are attracted to you because of your magic, people are different and need things presented to them in diferant ways, this is why there is no word for word way of doing things.

A manual is available in the class, written by Phyllis Brooks.

We create our own world, and we create the world at large togehter, so create something differant now, to do this we need to allow the energy of source to manifest through us, and be open to allowing the universe to provide for us without trying to dictate how this happens.
Glow with the flow and remember shifts happen. You cant expand awareness and stay in the same place as you were. The nature of creation is change. Hari Das baba and germain "

Please keep in mind, this information may
continue to change, and it will be updated here
as it happens.

Some of my own thoughts on the matter........

I will be taking the Shamballa Basic course,
some time, after the original one in April, and
I will be passing on the new Shamballa Basic,
to all of my future students, but for now, I will
also be continuing to pass on the "old" way
of shamballa also, until the time, when I feel
it is no longer necessary.

There are several reasons for this.
The first, and most important reason, is that
there are many who are new to healing energies and to spirituality, and these people
need the hands on activations, levels and
symbols. They may need a more concrete way
of getting the energy.

I also believe, that the symbols,
still can be, important.

First of all, symbols, are a "Bridge"
to help our unconscious
create the outcome that we desire.

All symbols, are Ancient.
They were used for power, and they were
used to create change. Symbols, including
Reiki and Shamballa symbols, have been used
since Atlantian times, and because they were
used, over and over, for thousands of years,
and these symbols contain ALOT OF POWER.

So, even though we no longer "need",
the tools, of the symbols....the Fact still remains,
that these symbols DO have power, and though,
not NEEDED, they CAN lend energy to whatever we are trying to accomplish, with Shamballa.......
so therefore, they are defiantly still useful....
That, is why, I continue to teach the symbols,
in all of my classes............and, I still find them
useful much of the time.

I will also teach my students, the fact, that the symbols are no longer necessary...BUT, they still, can add power to any shamballa working...

I think, that as a teacher, it is my job, to teach the student, everything they need to know...
To give them all the "tools" to do, whatever it is, that they want to do....

How and if they "use", those "tools" is entirely, up to them....But it will be their own personal CHOICE. It is not up to me, or anyone else to
decide what someone else needs.

I continue to teach the symbols to my students...
But I let them know, that they are truly not needed.....

All that is needed, is what is inside....
that we have the ability, to create all that
we want, need or desire, with just a single

I tell my students,
"Use the gifts of the symbols, for as long as
you need them, and when you no longer need them, thank them, and let them go."

Next I will tell you a story, of how I learned
that our power is in our thoughts alone, and
we no longer NEED any symbols.........

Story of Intention

I am an occupational therapist, who does
homecare for a living, which means I go to people's houses to give them therapy.

We often have to order them equipment, to assist them with their toileting or showers, and we would often go to a Medical Supply store, down the
street from our office to pick the equipment up.

The street this store is on, is right in the middle of the city, and a very busy, and dangerous road, where the cars would just as soon hit you, as
blink an eye.

One morning, early, I had stopped in to pick up
a tub seat, and was chatting with the clerk Pat,
when we both looked up, and saw a small terrier dog go trotting by the window.
We both JUMPED! up,
and ran out the door, concerned the dog
might get hit by a car.

Well, practically, as soon as we got out the
door, I could see that the dog was frightened,
and that we would just make matters worse,
by chasing it, and I stopped.
Pat, unfortunately, didnt appear to realize this
and continued chasing the little dog.

Before I could say anything to Pat, I thought,
"That dog is going to run into the road and
get hit!"

So immediately, I started to send protectiv energy to the dog, the way I was taught by saying:

cho ku rei
cho ku rei
cho ku rei

se he ki
se he ki
se he ki

golden flower of life
golden flower of life
golden flower of life

But before I could get even halfway through
sending the energy, the dog ran across the street, with Pat chasing him, in just a moment, I heard
a loud


of the dog getting hit!!

I screamed!
And thought, "Im too late! I didnt get the
energy out in time.....!"

Next thing you know, the little dog comes
running back across the street again, with
Pat in hot pursuit! The little dog ran by, me
and with a baffled look on my face, I asked
Pat what happened.....

Pat gives me this weird look, and says,

"I really dont know, its the strangest thing."

She holds up a little red collar, that is snapped
off, and she said,

" The dog was running from me, and ran
right into a car, but the oddest thing happened...."

"I swear to God Robin, that the dog hit
like an invisible sheild or something, and bounced
right off of it!"

"She shakes her head, and says,
and the force of it was so powerful, it knocked
his collar right off his neck!"

I looked a little baffled at that point, and
I said, "He didnt get hit???"

And Pat was like, "Yeah, he DID, but he
bounced off a forcefield of some type, so he
never actually hit the car."

Well, I thought, THAT is weird....but I was
still concerned that the dog would have internal injuries or something....So I said to Pat, before
I left, to let me know what happens, when she
contacted the owner, with the number on the

So towards the end of the day, I hadnt heard
from her, so I called to see if she heard anything
about the little dog....and she said the lady
just left, after getting the collar back, and the dog was perfectly fine, he was sitting on the front
step when she got home!

Well I was just BAFFLED.

So later that night, I was telling my friend Terry,
about the strange incident with the dog, and
she said:

"Robin! Don't you realize what happened??!"

And I said, "No, What?"

She said, "You sent that shamballa energy,
and it saved the dog!!!"

And I said, " 'NO' I DIDN'T!"

"I STARTED to send energy, but I didn't have
time to finish...."

And she said to me,
"But don't you see???"
"You didn't HAVE to finish!
Your intent to save the dog was already
there! You did it with your intention alone!"

Well, at that point, it struck me,
that she was RIGHT. I really DIDN'T have
to say the whole thing....In the intensity of
the moment, the energy went, just the same,
with my INTENT, only!

That is when I knew, that I truly didnt
NEED the symbols....all I needed was a
strong intent, for a positive outcome......

Love, Tala

Shamballa Is The Energy of the Future, And Is Continuously Evolving

Shamballa is like Magick, and it is like the
Collective Consciousness.
It is always changing, and evolving to higher vibrations, and higher levels.

Years before, those who practiced Magick, or
the "Old Ways" required all kinds of ritual,
and all kinds of tools, to create the Magick, and the change, that they desired.
Now, those who are witches, are realizing, that this is no longer neccesary. In this time, we are
now able to create, with our thoughts, desire,
and intent, alone.

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing,
also began initially using symbols, like the pagan's "tools" and "rituals" to bring about desired results, in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Shamballa continues to evolve, far past the
need for any rituals or tools, which we call symbols.
We are now coming into the era of time, where we can create what
we desire, with our thoughts, only with shamballa also.

There was a quote from a Shamballa Master, that was written on the main list some time ago, and it stuck in my head, and with his permission, I will share it with you :

"Shamballa is a pathway which crumbles behind you as you walk ahead. There no point in looking back or forward. Where does this path lead?"

Shamballa puts all the responsibility, directly
upon ourselves....and no one else.
It gives US, the power to change our future, and
WE have the power to transform our lives....
It is up to US,
Shamballa is just a "tool" to help us there...:)